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Introducing Homat LP
≈ my first NFT collection (and double album)

In May 2022, my new 20-song album Homat LP comes out (after six years). These years have been the most creative in my life, and I've created a lot of art around the music, which I'm planning to introduce to the world gradually :) From physical acrylic and oil paintings to 3d sculptures and digitally painted works. All my digital art pieces have been transformed into NFTs and stored on the blockchain. My first NFT-collection consists of 30 originals, from poetry and music to visual art. Around half of these have been minted, which means they are available to buy. The remaining half will be gradually minted and listed leading up to the album release in May.

To the collection ︎

So what are NFTs?

For the first time in history, you can own a digital item safely and securely, thanks to blockchain technology. This enables art collectors and fans to buy digital artworks with an electronic authenticity and ownership certificate to go with it (the NFT). You can also buy shares in music and share the revenues directly with the artist, paving the way for a new artist economy that gives more power to the art and the people. To read more about NFT's, this is a great guide.

About the project

While the artists pay to create, and fans pay to listen, tech companies and major labels get the lion’s share of the profits.

I believe in a future where artists share ownership of their art with fans rather than with corporations. The new world of crypto-art and NFT's create a unique opportunity for artists and fans to fund, build and share art together. It can potentially reshape the paradigm of the music industry and art world, enabling more artists to create and succeed freely.

The plan

I'm releasing a double album this year with over 20 tracks on it. It's been almost seven years in the making, and I love every single record. Thanks to NFT's, you can invest in the songs before they get released, which means you will own a part of the recordings and share the royalties with me and my co-creators. You also get to listen to the songs before they are released. By buying a XOV-NFT, you automatically become a member in my NFT club, with invites to regular hangouts where we share life experiences and have deep trippy conversations +  live-streamed concerts, talks, and more. 

To the collection ︎

Listing prices, music

*rates may vary due to cryptocurrency exchange fluctuations

Pre-stream + access pass
0% share of all streaming revenue

0.2% share of all streaming revenue + access pass

1% share of all streaming revenue + access pass

5% share of all streaming revenue + VIP access pass
Ξ 0.9

10% share of all streaming revenue + VIP access pass
Ξ 1.8

Access pass
The access pass gives you access to regular Zoom-hangouts, pre-stream of the album, and tickets to a live-stream concert.

VIP access pass
The VIP access pass gives you access to all of the above + a one-on-one virtual hangout session with XOV and a signed TooCoolForSchool-hoodie.

Transparent pricing
The prices are based on the average streaming value of XOV's top ten performing records and Etherium/USD prices on January 21st, 2022 (21:30 CET). XOV's top ten songs average 6m streams on Spotify alone, with the top song at 40+ million streams and the bottom song at 70k streams. We are using the music royalty calculator of MusicGateway to get an estimated monetary value of streams based on royalty payouts based on data from January 21st, 2022 (21:30 CET). Should the average stream count rise above 6m streams, you will earn back your investment through streaming revenues while retaining the value of the NFT. Should it not stream above 6m streams, you will NOT make back your investment through streaming revenue, but you will still keep the value of the NFT, which can fall or rise just like a stock on the stock market.

Revenue examples
These numbers are based on the value of Ethereum against USD, and streaming royalty estimates using the MusicGateway royalty calculator on January 21st, 2021 (21:30CET). These numbers only include Spotify revenue.

Spotify revenue if song performs as well as XOV's top-performing song
≈ 40m streams 
10% = $16.000
5% = $8.000
1% = $1.600
0,2% = $320

Spotify revenue if song performs as well as XOV's average performing song ≈
6m streams
0,2% = $48
1% = $240
5% = $1.200
10% = $2.400

In addition to these revenues, NFT-owners will also receive a share of streaming royalties from other platforms, such as Apple Music and Tidal. 

Legal notice
Please note that you will only own a % share of the income generated through streaming platforms. All control/rights regarding copyright, song usage, licensing, etc. are reserved for the creators of the work.

How to buy XOV-NFTs
  1. Connect your cryptowallet to OpenSea
  2. Buy or trade NFT’s on opensea.io/collection/xov
  3. We will contact you to collect info for direct royalty payments and invite you to upcoming events according to your package.