Original poetry by XOV

Sheep of wolves

sometimes I wonder,
am I a wolf in sheep’s clothing
or a sheep with a wolf’s teeth?


if someone is rude to you
they are suffering

Rooted in storm

be firmly rooted
and you will survive any storm

The Moment

the moment
determines your happiness
the past and future
not here


clouded mind
can’t feel the light
although I know it’s there

Bad Weather

heavy days
are like bad weather
it is what it is
sit it out

Be the Sun

the sun always rises
even when it doesn’t shine

A Joyous Reminder

what is the point of sadness?
it serves no purpose
but reminding you
what joy is

Comfort Zone

you are so used to suffering
restless without it
it’s all you have ever known
get out of your comfort zone

Bending Steel

I am steel
strong, resilient, heavy
but with a deep desire
to reshape my mold
iron melts at fifteen hundred degrees
so scientifically,
mentally and physically
I have to go through hell

Light from Dark

how would you be able to distinguish
light from darkness
without knowing
what they are?

Admired fools

follow the advice of idols
not admired fools
their dream is not yours

Universal suffering

suffering is universal
in times of hardship
recall the beauty of your insignificance
think of creation
the species
the oceans
earth and space

The beuty of paradox

life is beautiful,
even when it isn’t

Devil’s garden

I bloomed,
but in the devils garden

Cursed wings

you took my voice
and condemned me for not speaking
you cut my wings
and cursed me for not flying

You are dying

oh, you ungrateful, spoiled brat!
accept that you are dying
live unapologetically
see the beauty in the rain
when will you awake?

Inherited foolery

inherited foolery
human beings
always at war
don’t be so hard on yourself
look at history
somethings need to be learned
over and over
and over again

A simple truth

a simple truth
believe in justice
and justice will prevail
believe in injustice
and injustice will prevail

The governor

be kind to your inner being
the one who governs existence
self-loathing serves no purpose
cultivate compassion
but be aware of self-pity
for it is an evil force