XOV is a Stockholm-based artist known for his poetic songwriting and dark pop sound.

Since his debut in 2015, XOV's music has been featured in various magazines and played on radio stations throughout Europe and the world. He has toured globally, with performances in cities such as LA, New York, London, Stockholm, Oslo, and Berlin. He is currently recording new music in the Stockholm archipelago, where he lives.

Critics have compared XOV to artists like Frank Ocean and The Weeknd while emphasizing his distinctive style. He has also collaborated with Lorde, gained the praise of Max Martin, and made music for the Hunger Games: Mockingjay soundtrack. Additionally, XOV writes poetry, and his recent work 'Stardust' (2023) was performed at the first-ever fashion show held in the EU Parliament, supporting the movement to ban modern slavery and eradicate child labor. While his music has amassed over 100 million streams, XOV is deeply committed to humanitarian work, founding the humanitarian organization I AM YOU and leading global initiatives with Human Rights Watch